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Efficiently and securely manage identity and access with Eden Data.

Why Identity And Access Management Consulting Is Important

As technology advances and data becomes more accessible, an organization’s private data is increasingly at risk of being intercepted by the wrong party. In most cases, it is not just employees who are accessing critical company information. Privileges are often granted to software, firmware, physical devices, and third-party vendors.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) helps an organization’s IT administrators manage user identities and their varying levels of access to resources, addressing the critical need to ensure appropriate access across increasingly heterogeneous technology environments. An effective Identity and Access Management program may also allow an organization to meet rigorous compliance requirements.


Eden Data’s Identity And Access Management Consulting Services

Identity And Access Management Consulting Austin TX StartupsIdentity and access management consulting services by Eden Data is a range of service offerings to help companies achieve scalable interoperability, security, and automation in Identity and Access Management technology. Through our consultancy services, we aim to strategically induct business model strategy systems, corporate policies, business processes, and industry regulations with the best available technology in the IdM sphere. Our Identity and Access Management consultancy services enable organizations to leverage technology, minimize manual intervention, and optimize the advantage of the current infrastructure.


Our Identity And Access Management Consulting Services

  • Advisory Services – ​ Collaborate with Identity and Access Management specialists​
  • Assessment Services – ​ Bring in more robustness through continued assessment​
  • Architecture And Design Services – ​ Towards the creation of the strong foundation of​ Identity and Access Management technology
  • Implementation Services – ​ An all-encompassing IAM implementation process​
  • Migration And Upgrades – ​ Stay updated by creating systems synced for the present time​
  • Testing Services – ​ Taking you closer to an undefeatable organizational network system​
  • Managed Services – ​ Bring in our workforce to handle your various Identity and Access​ Management requirements
  • Support Services – ​ Attend to toughest contingencies in the IdM sphere​


Identity And Access Management Strategy And Roadmap

Implementing a strong Identity and Access Management program is a multi-stage process and may be spread out over multiple years.  When designing and implementing such a program, it is important to follow an Identity and Access Management roadmap.  This roadmap ensures that, with each stage, an organization is improving its ability to manage identity within the organization.

Not only does having an Identity and Access Management roadmap help your organization to fully reap the benefits of its IAM investment, but it also serves to drive organizational understanding and support.


Why You Need Eden Data

Eden Data knows Identity and Access Management is becoming increasingly business-aligned, requiring more than just the technical expertise of the DevSecOps team, and is playing a more crucial role in many cybersecurity programs.

Eden Data will facilitate how digital entities operate, and more specifically, which personnel can access specific types of information. Eden Data will select and shape the organization’s Identity and Access Management framework to equip a corporation’s IT managers with more control, building additional layers of protection against threats.

Enterprises that develop mature Identity and Access Management capabilities can reduce identity management costs and become significantly more agile in supporting new business initiatives.


Eden Data was built on disruption: disruption of the century-old professional services model. We chose instead to partner with various organizations that have completely dominated their respective industries by creating forward-thinking SaaS tools related to cybersecurity and data protection. We then worked together to enhance the value we bring to organizations by coupling our services and creating holistic solutions that address the classic adage ‘People, Processes, Technology’. 


The Eden Data Difference

Eden Data’s long-term vision is to create a future where companies can bring fantastic ideas to fruition using the internet while effortlessly maintaining appropriate data security and privacy. Eden Data focuses on the next generation of businesses that are ready to build security and privacy into their DNA, from their culture to their technologies to their entire operating processes. We are working to make information security a core pillar of every organization we have the pleasure of working with.  


Security That Works The Way You Do!

The product or service you provide to your customers is one-of-a-kind, so why should not your security program be? 

Traditional consulting firms have resumés a mile-long… serving corporations that look nothing like your company from an IT perspective. Why not hire a firm that operates just like you and works exclusively with companies just like yours? Call Eden Data today to learn more about Identity and Access Management consulting.